Features of StarSpell 3

Easy to Install and Use
  • Fun to use
  • Does not need computer expertise
  • Windows systems XP onwards
  • Games for extra practice
  • Excellent on-line handbook, with many ideas
Educationally Sound
  • Uses "Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check" system of spelling
  • Every word is spoken, and has a spoken sentence for context
  • A Worksheet can be printed for every list
  • Special Phonics section for early reading and spelling
  • Includes "Tops and Tails" for early practice in awareness
  • Very suitable for anybody with dyslexic difficulties
  • Supports and extends the statutory requirements for English Spelling of the National Curriculum in England 2014.
  • Some 800 lists of words (over 4200 words with sentences)
  • Extensive lists for individual National Curriculum subjects
  • Easily tailored for individual pupils – not "ageist"
  • Diagnostic Pupil Records of all spelling attempts
  • Easy to create your own lists
A Well-Crafted product
  • Words and sentences in an English voice (UK, not USA)
  • Misspellings corrected, very entertainingly
  • Correct answers rewarded
  • A simple concept, neatly executed